We offer safe and reliable Barbados airport transfers to south coast hotels, villas and other accommodation. One-way or return.

  • Accra Beach Hotel
  • Blue Horizon
  • South Beach Resort
  • Southern Surf
  • Coconut Court Hotel
  • The Savannah Hotel
  • Coral Sand
  • Amaryllis Beach Hotel
  • Barbados Hilton
  • Island Inn
  • Radisson Aquatica
  • Coral Mist
  • Blue Orchids
  • Cruise Ship Terminal Bridgetown

Don’t see your hotel/apartment listed? Unsure of which zone your accommodation is in?  Simply contact us and we’ll let you know the zone & cost.

One Way:
$40.00US for 1-3 persons
4+Groups: $13.00US per person

$75.00US for 1-3 persons
4+Groups: $22.00US per person

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Note: there is a small additional charge of $10.00US for late (after 10:30pm) and early (before 6:00am) transfers.

Please contact us for luxury transfers.